Supplier Diversity Strategy and Enhancement

Supplier diversity is often a key element in an organization’s supply chain management and business acquisition strategies. We believe that organizations should have a firm business case for supplier diversity that demonstrates: the positive effect that supplier diversity will have on the bottom-line, effective methodologies to identify qualified diverse suppliers and to train these diverse suppliers to become successful, processes in place to ensure that diverse suppliers have an opportunity to compete for all appropriate business opportunities, and an appropriate tracking and reporting infrastructure.

The Barthwell Group Approach

The Barthwell Group develops creative methodologies to assist clients in developing the business case for supplier diversity, identifying suppliers, enhancing supplier performance through training, setting up internal infrastructure and processes to ensure maximum opportunity for diverse suppliers, and developing the tracking and reporting infrastructure. We work with our clients develop the business case for supplier diversity. This includes assessing customer requirements, penalties, and incentives and identifying the types of suppliers that are most desired (e.g., small businesses, businesses owned by certain demographic groups – women, minorities, veterans, etc., and/or businesses that participate in certain government programs – HUBZone, 8(a), etc.). We help our clients define the qualifications and capabilities that suppliers must have. After a screening process, we assist our clients in developing relationships with high-potential suppliers. We assist organizations in training their suppliers to be more effective in the procurement process and in their performance. In addition, we assist our clients in developing the appropriate infrastructure to facilitate supplier diversity and properly tracking spend with diverse suppliers and report that spend to customers, government agencies, or others.

The Barthwell Group Solution for Supplier Diversity Strategy and Enhancement:

  • Understand the Client’s Supplier Diversity Goals
  • Conduct a Comprehensive Assessment of the Current Supplier Diversity Program
  • Develop a Customized Strategy to Enhance the Supplier Diversity Program
  • Design and Implement Supplier Identification and Training Sessions
  • Develop Tools to Measure Results

  • Enhancing a Fortune 500 Company’s Supplier Identification Process


    A major division of a Fortune 500 company recognized the importance of supplier diversity and wanted to enhance its supplier identification process.

    The Barthwell Group Solution

    We developed the concept for, and coordinated the implementation of, two supplier identification events. For each event, we interfaced with the Client to determine the general requirements / capabilities for the potential suppliers and with organizations to identify local diverse suppliers. We then screened the universe of suppliers to identify those who had the potential to do business with our Client, and developed profiles of each potential supplier. In addition, we designed the concept for the forum between the suppliers and our Client, and coordinated and facilitated all elements of the forum (logistics, materials, food, etc.). We also arranged individual matchmaking of specific suppliers with members of our Client’s procurement team. As a result of these events, multiple contracts issued have been issued and there are several strong leads. Also, our Client has used this model to enhance its internal supplier identification process.