Assessments are often an integral part of The Barthwell Group’s consulting process. We develop customized assessment instruments tailored to meet the specific needs of each client. Our assessment methodology is a unique combination of proprietary quantitative and qualitative tools. Our assessments are often based on in-depth, confidential, individual interviews. We provide our clients with detailed analyses of our findings and make actionable recommendations.

Frequently, clients are able to gain new insights which were not revealed through prior surveys, and are provided with practical follow-up action items which helps them to address challenges.

The Barthwell Group Approach

Our process includes:

  • Customized Assessment Instruments
    Every assessment instrument is specifically designed to obtain relevant, in-depth information for our client.
  • Individual, Confidential Interviews
    We conduct confidential interviews with individuals which generally result in greater insights regarding the assessment focus.
  • Detailed Analysis of Assessment Results
    Clients receive feedback regarding every assessment question, frequently analyzed from the perspectives of different categories of stakeholders.
  • Actionable Recommendations
    We add value by extrapolating practical recommendations from our assessments which enhance the ability of our clients to fulfill their objectives.

  • Helping a Fortune 500 Company Assess its Potential Entry into a New Market


    A Fortune 500 company wanted to test its entry into a new market among potential institutional clients.

    The Barthwell Group Solution

    We conducted two assessments using customized instruments for both. In the first assessment, The Barthwell Group was able to obtain detailed feedback regarding the potential reactions to the Client entering the business, specific suggestions for products and services, and information on the decision-making process engaging a vendor in the new marketplace. As a result of this assessment and other data, the Client decided to enter the new business.

    During the second assessment, we obtained detailed feedback regarding effective methods to win new clients, product segments where vendors would be considered, and expected pricing and services. The Client was able to use the findings and recommendations as guidelines in establishing its new business.