Brand Enhancement

The Barthwell Group helps clients enhance their brands and build more effective relationships with specific, target markets. The deliverable to our clients is an enhanced branding concept with specific messaging which resonates with the desired target markets. The service includes a practical action plan to build / enhance relationships with key persons in the target markets.

The Barthwell Group Approach

Our approach is designed to obtain tangible results. We combine strategic market research which includes assessing impressions of our client’s current brand from the perspective of both internal and external stakeholders and analyzing key areas of interest among our client’s target markets. Because we engage stakeholders in confidential dialogues, we are able to obtain more substantive insights. Our thorough methodology enables us to help clients develop and implement brand enhancement strategies and specific messaging which are effective and sustainable. Once the strategy and messaging have been developed, we assist clients in actually building relationships.

The Barthwell Group Solution for Brand Enhancement:

  • Identify the goals and objectives of the brand enhancement strategy
  • Conduct a scan to determine the best partners in the target markets
  • Analyze the findings to identify alignment between the client and potential partners
  • Develop brand enhancement strategies and appropriate messaging
  • Design a concept for marketing materials
  • Facilitate the building of relationships in the target markets
  • Monitor and benchmark the progress

  • Transforming a HBCU’s Brand to Enhance Student Recruitment


    A small HBCU needed to enhance its recruitment of high quality students from geographic regions outside of its own. The Client had undergone a transformation during which its academic standards and programs had undergone significant improvement and enrollment had become more selective. The Client wanted to enhance its brand to reflect its improved academic standing as well as the many new opportunities and benefits available to students.

    The Barthwell Group Solution

    The Barthwell Group engaged stakeholders both internally and externally and developed a new branding mantra which reflected the Client’s ability to establish a culture where excellence and high standards had become the norm. Based on our assessment and interactions with stakeholders, we developed a multi-media presentation which became the basis for a marketing video. We then arranged visits to high performing high schools and hosted VIP receptions for the President and selected faculty members in Detroit, Chicago, and Washington D.C. As a result, the Client received hundreds of applications from high-performing students.